I first used Alpha Omega Publishing's curriculum as a tutor for homeschooled high school students. At that time it was the LifePac curriculum, which was a pleasant, effective curriculum to use. Units are contained in worktexts and extra projects are presented in the teacher's books. Not only does LifePac provide a solid education, but it provides a Christian education. 

In addition to LifePac, Alpha Omega publishes Switched-On Schoolhouse, a full curriculum on CD-Rom. All you need to do is install it on your computer, and off you go. Your student's work is graded as it's completed, unless the assignment is an essay, science experiment with write-up or report.
Popular culture perceives the Christian Gospel in many ways. As a culture of victimization, many do not want to admit responsibility for their actions. The Bible reminds us that we are all sinners, and responsible for what we do. If we are to repent, we must acknowledge our sins. Therefore, the victim may see Christianity as a threat to his comforting cloak of helplessness. As a culture of syncretism and relativism, declaring one path to God is considered on par with a “hate crime.” In this case, Christians are seen as narrow minded or judgmental, and the Gospel a tool of repression. Humanists view man as the center of all things, and religion of any sort as an invention of man. As a result humanists view the Gospel as nothing more than a myth, which has been outgrown by rational society.

My Walk



Welcome to my blog. I'll be posting once or twice a month. 

This blog will document my random musings and thoughts on Christian topics. I may share personal experience as well as my insights to the Christian walk. I might also review books from time to time, or talk about homeschool curriculum. I've used several methods, and have really enjoyed most of these.